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Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
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    2.77–2.88 ref
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    2.77–3 ref
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Posted 1 year ago by [WDZ-RR] Poncho L. Sullivan

3 refined is an absolute pain in the ass to pull off, and most traders want to buy for lower than 3 ref. The links below are only part of the proof , and I will list the rest in the comments.


[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

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Barst the Man 7.11–7.22 refScore: 59.94% · 112

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User Comments

3 ref is a easy sell. ( my trade )

Sold 41 keys in two day at 3ref. I'm getting more keys today, so I will keep you updated on the 3ref price per key.

Current range reflects the market:)

Agreed. I just bought a key for 2.88 within seconds of posting the trade. 3 ref is way too much greed for a key

EDIT: Just bought another in few minutes of posting this

Its fairly easy to buy keys @2.88. Only those who want keys like in immediate 1 minute buy for 3 ref

    Bit of selective picking of links, I'll give you mine: (buying for 2.88) (buying for 2.88) (buying for 2.88) (buying for 2.88) (buying for 2.88)

    That was just the first 2 pages. Some are bulk buyers. I don't see why I should sell keys for 2.77 if I owned some.

      I searched through about 10 pages of outpost, and I saw one of 6 things:

      1. Unsuccessful trades, with most being vocal about paying 3 ref for a key

      2. Keys selling for lower than 3 ref and selling like hotcakes

      3. Trades that have had little to no traffic since the last price was accepted 3 days ago

      4 Traders actually relenting and actually selling for lower than 3 ref.

      5 Trades open for 8+ hours and nothing posted on the page

      6. Keys not being sold because items are being offered instead of metal.

      I had to actually look for successful trades for 3 ref, and from what I have seen from the looks of it, traders are NOT BUDGING from lower than 3 ref in the majority of the trades. IT's like trying to find a needle in a haystack to locate a successful one, and from the looks of it, I only saw about 10-12 on those pages that had comments supporting they were sold for 3 ref.

      current range is accurate, also [url][/url]

      3 is an incredibly easy sell...I've sold close to 40 at 3 ref.

        3 out of those 5 links are already sold. I'm going to have to downvote on this one. I don't like the fact that they're so expensive but it's the market price, I don't decide that.

            The least we can do is keep it away from being 3 refined, like people said 3000 times before, 3 refined for a key is bullshit.

              The links in the commenst and some of your links, show keys are still traded for 3 ref.