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  • blizzard
    Blizzardy Storm Otolaryngologist's Mirror Blizzardy Storm 1–100
Blizzardy Storm Otolaryngologist's Mirror
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    1.1–1.4 buds
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    1.1–1.5 buds
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Suggested by Sir J-j-jon [Scourge of Redwall] 2 years ago

Having a hat with 1.1-1.5 BELOW a hat that's 1.1-1.4 looks really retarded. Aesthetic change only. Id like it if a mod accepts this quickly



Total Votes4
% Positive100.00%
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SubmitterPrice SuggestedDetailsNotes
Avatar Brimstone1–1.2 budsScore: 68.12% · 1

Accepted 4 months ago

2 month old price, slight refresher yes, i do own one, and you should read and evaluate the proof b...
Avatar ASIAN MANDINGO17 keysScore: 86.52% · 1

Accepted 7 months ago

8 months old price. Did someone call for an update? SOLDS S...
Avatar NecroTed15–18 keysScore: 77.68% · 1

Accepted 1 year ago

Proof below. Overpay calculated Sales ---> h...
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