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Noble Hatter's Violet
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Suggested by Disgrace to the homeland. ☭ 3 years ago

Almost every trade on outpost is pricing it at 1 refined. Nothing less than 0.88.

I believe it's safe enough to do this change.

190 votes up
41 votes down
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Do you have any links for trades that offer 1 refined for it? Cause i don't see that paint in high demand.

    0.66-1 if you want to raise price. Deep purple > this ugly paint

      Regarding the links to trades Noble Hatter's Violet (1ref) Noble Hatter's Violet - 1 Ref Violet= 1 ref 17 x Noble Hatter's Violet : 1.33 refined (I honestly think this one is dumb)

      I can do this all day, the least I saw in this search was a single one 0.77 that burned away almost instantly

        Yeah... No. I buy easily at 0.66 per, so it's fine how it is