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Buy order listings being deleted/disappear

(Note: this is a recurring issue that I have previously reported but was deemed "worth the time" to figure out due to the system being redone. Now that the system has been redone and the issue has recurred after the system update I hope that it is worth the time to solve this issue).

Issue: I had around 100 listings of buy orders for a variety of unusuals some offering keys or a combination of keys and metal for the unusual. However, roughly 60 of those listings have disappeared without a trace. I do have and have always had the necessary amount of metal and keys in my inventory to uphold my listings' offers. There seems to be no identifiable pattern/cause for this issue to occur.

This issue was noticed to have occured on the 03/12/2017 UTC+10:00 at 10:00pm, the listings were last to have been known has present was around 03/12/2017 UTC+10:00 at 9:00pm. (note: these times specified are approximate but are a good guide to see the time frame of which the issue occured between)

Please help once again, thanks in advance.

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    BlazingParte S>9 Unusuals commented 2 weeks ago


    My listings have decreased from 41 listings to 36 listings between 03/12/2017 UTC+10:00 at 10:00pm to 03/12/2017 UTC+10:00 at 10:45pm

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    cares commented 2 weeks ago · cares edited 2 weeks ago

    Are you sure your listings are bumped? We now delete listings after 5 days of not being bumped, not 7.

    I see you have a lot of listings that aren't bumped well.

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    BlazingParte S>9 Unusuals commented 2 weeks ago · BlazingParte S>9 Unusuals edited 2 weeks ago

    All of the listings were bumped approximately 3 days ago

    EDIT: Of the remaining listings some even exceed the time of bump compared to the ones that were removed.

    I bump my trades at least once every 3-5 days