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  • 69 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Time Out Therapy 34 Purchased Shimmering Lights 13136289439 9660166060
    Shimmering Lights Taunt: Time Out Therapy
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Shiny medic drinking while looking at his documents. What, I got nothing to joke about this

  • 25 keys
    Unusual Taunt: The Dueling Banjo 33 Purchased Veno Shock 12674367080 9417923651
    Veno Shock Taunt: The Dueling Banjo
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    How long has it been

  • 25 keys
    Unusual Taunt: Square Dance 94 Purchased Jarate Shock 12894301516 7429344537
    Jarate Shock Taunt: Square Dance
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Dancin' in the piss cloud

  • 250 keys
    Decorated Weapon Sniper Rifle 99 War Paint Isotope Alien Tech killstreak professional 12765506418 8065420894
    Isotope Professional Killstreak Alien Tech Sniper Rifle (Field-Tested)
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Increasin the price from the previous listed price cause I'm a greedy mfker. Mostly accepting pure, any other offers will have to pay more in items. Course, negotiation accepted if payin in keys pure!

  • 150 keys
    Unusual Reindoonibeanie 10 Found in Crate Violent Wintertide A Deep Commitment to Purple 13597195673 9632167838
    Strange Violent Wintertide Reindoonibeanie
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Should be a 1:2 or perhaps there's more from privates, possibly 1:1 in forever if the other owner(s) does not want to sell it. Expecting pure, more in items!

  • 24 keys
    Unusual Taunt: The Boston Breakdance 1 Purchased Magical Spirit 13608234834 3763001614
    Magical Spirit Taunt: The Boston Breakdance
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Looking for item offers / mixed offers with this price! 100% Negotiable if paying in keys pure!

  • 30 keys
    Unusual Taunt: The Mannbulance! 98 Purchased Thundering Spirit 13733233927 10751625230
    Thundering Spirit Taunt: The Mannbulance!
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ


  • 540 keys
    Unusual Mean Captain 11 Found in Crate Hellspawned Horns 13833680822 13780911590
    Strange Hellspawned Horns Mean Captain Parts Attached
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Well not much of a 1:1 anymore :< not really worth what it priced now. Lookin' for any offer (still interested in OG effects), will drop dramatically if payin' keys pure, no item overpay required

  • 121 keys
    Unusual Roaming Roman 50 Found in Crate Severed Serration A Deep Commitment to Purple 13867604566 10784034300
    Severed Serration Roaming Roman
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Possibly a 1:1 in forever unless the other owner decides to sell it but don't think it will be in a while, down to look for any offers! Willing to negotiate if paying keys pure

  • 25 keys
    Strange Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II 2 MvM Badge completion reward killstreak professional 10721330238 1397307361
    Strange Professional Killstreak Gold Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.II Parts Attached
    Bumped Listed by Yᴀᴇ

    Time to say goodbye to this beauty, had my fun with it but It's getting replaced by another. I'm not willing to negotiate at all, this is my final price, 3 of the best parts to play for Casual and MvM

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