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  • 1000 keys
    Unusual Pyromancer's Mask 15 Traded Purple Energy A Deep Commitment to Purple 7736573613 268656916
    Purple Energy Pyromancer's Mask
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Chromatic Corruption & clean. Gonna need a LOT to let this go.

  • 4 keys
    Unique Winter Wonderland Wrap 1 Purchased The Color of a Gentlemann's Business Pants 7503353194 2181272539
    The Winter Wonderland Wrap
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Chromatic Corruption! Pure only.

  • 35 keys
    Unique Beep Man 10 Gifted spells 9478621010 3159168299
    The Beep Man
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    35 Keys, pure only! Die Job + Voices!

  • 90 keys
    Unusual Murderer's Motif 9 Found in Crate Gravelly Ghoul A Deep Commitment to Purple 9425429189 9310596215
    Gravelly Ghoul Murderer's Motif
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Easily one of the coolest Murderer's Motifs in game, open to offers.

  • 800 keys A
    Decorated Weapon Scattergun 1 Found in Crate Energy Orb Current Event 9599165557 4052539237
    Energy Orb Current Event Scattergun (Field-Tested)
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Only Energy Orb Current Event on market, will likely be the only that'll ever hit market. Turned down offers of 350 and 400 pure previously.

  • 70 keys
    Unusual White Russian 50 Found in Crate Gourdian Angel 9599162040 9353374730
    Gourdian Angel White Russian
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Pure / Cash only, open to offers.

  • 65 keys
    Unusual Tank Top 22 Found in Crate Frozen Icefall An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge 9599161520 8383442908
    Strange Frozen Icefall Tank Top Parts Attached
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    1 of 1 Strange Icefall Tank Top, looking for pure / cash but am open to offers.

  • 295 keys
    Unusual Fortunate Son 15 Found in Crate Cloudy Moon 9599164523 4266679128
    Cloudy Moon Fortunate Son
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Looking for pure / cash. Not interested in Unusual / mixed offers unless old Halloweens are involved.

  • 800 keys M
    Decorated Weapon Minigun 1 Found in Crate Energy Orb Brick House killstreak professional 9599166477 4013762169
    Strange Energy Orb Professional Killstreak Brick House Minigun (Field-Tested) Parts Attached
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    1 of 1 on market Strange E Orb Minigun! Likely the only that'll hit market for a long time. Looking for pure or cash (from a reputable trader) only.

  • 122 keys
    Unusual Dancing Doe 51 Found in Crate Frozen Icefall 9599162983 8350322648
    Frozen Icefall Dancing Doe
    Bumped Listed by Matteomax

    Open to offers, mostly looking for pure but am interested in old Halloween hats. Can go lower in pure than other sellers!

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