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  • 42.66 raw metal
  • 718 raw keys
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  • $5,002 USD
  • 2,395 / 3,000 slots used
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  • 65 keys
    Decorated Weapon Shotgun 99 War Paint Isotope Totally Boned festivized killstreak professional 9887165479 9280370307
    Isotope Festivized Professional Killstreak Totally Boned Shotgun (Well-Worn)
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    ♥-Offers or full pure. send trade offers for this.-♥

  • 12.41 keys
    Strange Medical Mystery 17 Gifted 9872295856 7745628849
    Strange Medical Mystery
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    ♥-Or item offers-♥

  • 45 keys
    Strange Sniper Rifle 99 War Paint Frost Ornamented killstreak professional 10047849462 9294553109
    Strange Professional Killstreak Frost Ornamented Sniper Rifle (Minimal Wear)
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    Incenerstor + TS. negotiable for pure, or send item offers.

  • 700 keys
    Unusual Crone's Dome 10 Gifted Burning Flames 10231696069 10193124330
    Burning Flames Crone's Dome
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    ♥~Can sell for the lowest price in pure! send me an offer, I won't bite 'w' cashing out so items will need overpay. Add me or send a trade offer! ~♥ Declined 600 in pure +spell sweets

  • 50 keys
    Strange AWPer Hand 1 Found in Crate killstreak professional 10298118737 10156653037
    Strange Professional Killstreak AWPer Hand Parts Attached
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    Team Shine + Fire Horns + Headshot kills. 50 or item overpay <3!

  • 9.32 keys
    Unique Strange Part: Domination Kills 1 Found in Crate 10271282825 10256808491
    Strange Part: Domination Kills
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    Can sell cheapest for pure. trade offers only

  • 1250 keys
    Unusual Ballooniphones 88 Found in Crate Perennial Petals 10377397936 10349128371
    Perennial Petals Ballooniphones
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    Can sell for lowest price & I can accept items too! add me or send a trade offer ♥

  • 325 keys
    Unusual Crone's Dome 63 Gifted Haunted Ghosts A Deep Commitment to Purple 10521157848 10493983907
    Haunted Ghosts Crone's Dome
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    super clean! price is pure, but i can go lower than other sellers. i can also take item offers, but im trying to cash out so overpay is needed. trade offers or add me, thanks!

  • 750 keys
    Unusual Nunhood 58 Found in Crate Roboactive Pink as Hell 10334975564 10288611731
    Roboactive Nunhood
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    1 of 1, short history. antifreeze nfs. Been offered 500 full pure before, so offers expected around there. I don't bite! feel free to add ♥ C/Os: 550 pure , spell SFB das hasmatten+100k

  • 65 keys
    Strange Kritzkrieg killstreak professional
    Strange Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg
    Bumped Listed by Ashh

    Buying Fire horns HotRod ONLY! Can possibly do higher. add me to talk, thanks! offer me other hot rod effects but don't expect me to accept ❤️

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