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Unusual Balkan's Brute Green Energy
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Item 1

Sale 1!/compare/1711670400/1711756800!/compare/1711670400/1711756800

Cleaner's Carbine Strangifier + Vintage Professional Killstreak Huntsman + 5x Phlogistinator Strangifier + Amethyst Winds Taunt: The Trackman's Touchdown + Professional Killstreak Minigun + Professional Killstreak Air Strike + Air Strike Strangifier + Non-Craftable Professional Killstreak Loose Cannon Kit + Professional Killstreak Rainblower + Righteous Bison Strangifier + Professional Killstreak Festive Flare Gun

Mini for the Amethyst Winds Taunt: The Trackman's Touchdown 2 keys

.05 + 4.75 + (5 x .5) + 2 + 8 + 3.7 + .2 + 3.05 + .6 + 4.65 = ~30 keys

Total Sales


Taking 30 keys c:

    They where all with got tier effects and sheens, which costed me like 75 keys, and i allready got 40 keys pure offer for it which i declined. So the suggestion is totally wrong

      Just check the the huntsman with horns and Mandarin, cheast you can find is 30 dollars for the fabricator, not even crafted.

        If you get screenshots for what you paid on all the killstreak items individually, I'll update it to that.

          Trade mostly contain items that doesnt intrested in pricing em. Suggestion should go down, trade is made with items that prices can not be determined.

            Meaning; even if i managed to find em for cheaper it doesnt change their potential price in nonquicksell trades. And i also can not prove their value for nonquicksell trades since doesnt allow price suggestion for effect sheen combos.

            İf you still doubt, just go ahed and buy a firehorns teamshine version of some meta primary and i buy hypnobeam mean green one, than just 1 for 1 em with each other since it is even trade in your taste

              I'm asking for screenshots of what *you* bought them for. I'm not pricing those killstreak items by making a price suggestion on them. I'm asking for what you paid for each of them so I can use those values here.

                They were all bought from quicksells, i m sorry. You need to search for the prices of spesific combos by your self.

        I valued them as generic pro killstreak items, the sheen and killstreaker was not taken into account with when I valued the offer.

          So did you made a 15 keys disscount for item offer from your listed price?

            When an item takes months with no offers, you are bound to be more open to a lower price, especially when the listed price was slightly high based on it being new at the time originally listed.

              How could i get 40 keys pure offer for it just after few days or a week later i bought it from you than? You are trying to fuck me here.

                You knew full well I valued them at generic values when we talked.


                  You well know the items i gave to you woth way more than you claim which you were happy about. Why the fuck are you lying about the previous offer you got for that hat now, you can not be getting no offers when i can get a lot of offers for 30+ keys just after i bought it from you, you are %100 lying about not getting any offers.

                    Why do you send your calculation for the offer that you didnt accept btw? We added strangifiers and minigun on top of the offer that you claimed bein 27 keys which makes the trade 45 keys in your sense.

                      At the time of the offer I valued everything at lowest sellers which are now higher than sellers are now.

                        so you actually took it as 45 keys min. And you wouldnt accept em if they were not a good combo. which would prove me valuing em as 75 keys.

                        You still didnt talk about previous offers you got for it, before you sold it to me.

                        You not getting any offers for it is streight up lie. i wouldnt be getting offers up to 50 keys in a less than week, if you didnt get "any" offers for it "in 3 mounths"..

            Taylan where is the hat currently?

            that suggestion is so wrong that you even take quicksell price of Amethyst Winds Taunt: The Trackman's Touchdown as it is real price, everything here is so wrong

          This comments section is goated