Price Suggestion
~6300 keys
Unusual Team Captain Burning Flames
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Item 1

Entirely duped, nothing here

Item 2

Duped, only one sale here besides some random borrowing I think(?)

Sale 1!/compare/1703548800/1703635200!/compare/1703548800/1703635200

107x Warbird Weapons Case #100 + Sunbeams Team Captain + Strange Professional Killstreak Killer Bee Scattergun (Factory New) + Scorching Flames Demoman's Fro + Collector's Professional Killstreak Disciplinary Action + Strange Professional Killstreak Warhawk Rocket Launcher (Factory New) + Strange Professional Killstreak Red Bear Shotgun (Factory New) + Collector's Professional Killstreak Fan O'War + Collector's Professional Killstreak Rescue Ranger + Collector's Jarate + Collector's Buff Banner + Collector's Wrangler + Collector's Sandvich + Collector's Mad Milk + Strange Professional Killstreak Golden Frying Pan + 500 keys (Medal = 500 key collat)

Proof for the medal:

Mini for the Sunbeams Team Captain 1500 keys

Mini for the Scorching Flames Demoman's Fro 150 keys

Everything else is in-date, some of the collectors may be under buyers but it rounds out at the end

I was also told the Warhawk RL could be used as its outdated price of 1500

Adding everything up...

(107 x 3.41) + 1500 + 1500 + 150 + 80 + 1200 + 250 + 57.5 + 104 + 77 + 53 + 52.5 + 110 + 70 + 2925 + 500 = ~8994 keys

Maybe this caps, maybe it doesn't. Idfk I have no way of knowing lol

Total Sales


Rounding and taking 9000 keys c:

“Return of the King”

    Getting real expensive to buy attention huh

      Brokie problems

        NineVolt, the Burning Flames Team Captain, the man himself. Ngl bro I'm surprised the Burning Flames Team Captain is worth almost twice as much as the Burning Flames Polar Pullover. Ngl Burning Flames Team Captain is iconic though.

        You buy virtual items for validation of random strangers on the internet I buy virtual items to profit if that makes me a brokie I’m glad I’m a brokie….

          I buy stuff because I like to buy stuff. We all buy stuff. :) Also, NineVolt is one of my homies.

            No one asked for you input on this thank you. Also the fact that you replied first doesn’t surprise me have you gone a day without living on this site at all in the past 6+ months?

                Sheesh man just like chill this is a price suggestion. I recommend logging off. Take a nice walk or something. It did me some wonders.

        normal everyday trade right here.

          The start of the streak. Ty for finally giving my sale a proper suggestion!

          And yes Mönkey was just borrowing it for the joke on his birthday, no sale, just borrowing.

              Imagine having a 7000 key, hard sell hat and calling people brokies online. Classic TF2 community unearned, unwarranted elitism.