Price Suggestion
~230 keys
pumpkin moon
Unusual Blast Defense Pumpkin Moon
226 votes up
28 votes down
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Pmoon Blast

Item 1 Sale 1!/compare/1684454400/1684540800!/compare/1684454400/1684540800

sold with pmoon blast for c9 vvf

(mini for c9 vvf

Item 1 Sale 1!/compare/1681862400/1681948800!/compare/1681516800/1681948800

sold for 734 pure

Sale 2!/compare/1682208000/1682467200!/compare/1682380800/1682467200

sold for 800 pure

Going for an average of 767~ to 765)

Knifestorm brain bucket in date for mini at 550

765 - 550 = 215

Item 1 Sale 2!/compare/1685923200/1686009600!/compare/1685923200/1686009600

220 pure

Item 2 Sale 1!/compare/1683936000/1684540800!/compare/1684022400/1684108800

Bulk sale - exclude

Item 3 Sale 1!/compare/1679788800/1680566400!/compare/1679356800/1679875200

possible loan/borrow/cash sale - exlude

Item 4 Sale 1!/compare/1683936000/1684540800!/compare/1684022400/1684108800

Sold for a smoking luchadore, miami whirly, ctf logo bot dogger, creepy crawlies kazotsky, and hot calavera canvas loose cannon

Whirly has no in date sales other than this one

hot loose cannon is unpriceable as well


Taking 215-220

I think this is ok >.>

    Not a treasures trove Brothers in blue. Downvote :))