Price Suggestion
Pumpkin Moon Mighty Mitre
Submitted by FIFNAF
~220 keys
pumpkin moon
Unusual Mighty Mitre Pumpkin Moon
35 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Vijf Kilo Boter (met voetjes).

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Note: Other one will likely never be sold (whole month wasted). Price based off a hat that just had a suggestion accepted.

Priced 220 keys off a sale on January 3rd for $399.99.

Mitre last moved on Jan 12th, which is just over week after the MP sale!/compare/1641686400/1641945600!/compare/1641859200/1641945600

Taunt was sweets and is still unpriced.

Where I got the no name from:!/compare/1641772800/1641945600

Pricing at 220

    Almost 2 months passed since Mitre moved, and not planning to sell.

    Other hat that moved on the same day as Mitre has been priced and the Jan 12th sale priced it at 220 in the suggestion range:

    No-brainer suggestion at this point.

      The concern here was that 150 was still in-date when these sales happened. Had it only been one sale, we'd have wanted a range using both sales, but since there are two sales here now that back up ~220 as value, I think this is alright.