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Unusual Reel Fly Hat Circling Peace Sign
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History 1:

11 keys:!/compare/1633478400/1633564800!/compare/1632614400/1634256000

matches stats

History 2:

Dumped to STN:!/compare/1633305600/1634515200!/compare/1633219200/1633305600

Nothing matches but the purchase was likely 5 keys 62 ref

Bought in bulk:!/compare/1638144000/1638230400!/compare/1638144000/1638230400

Buyout of 9 keys 42 ref

Dumped to a bot within a day for 8 keys 10 ref:!/compare/1638144000/1638230400!/compare/1638144000/1638230400


$30 / $1.83 = 16.39 keys ~16 keys

Seller at 14 for <1 day

Sales at ~6 (potential), 8, ~10 (potential), 11, 16

Even though the seller at 14 is young, 16 still looks out of place with all those lower sales

6, traceable or not, is too low with buyers at ~8, but I think including 8 is reasonable to account for the lower data points

Taking 8-11 keys

I hope to purchase.