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~117.5 keys
Unusual Towering Pillar of Hats Scorching Flames
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4 votes down
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Sale #1


Sold for 82 keys and 26 ref(82.4), rounding to 82 keys

Sale #2!/compare/1626652800/1626739200!/compare/1626652800/1626739200

Sold for Genuine Robo-Sandvich(114 Keys)

Sale #3!/compare/1626048000/1626134400!/compare/1626134400/1626220800

Sold for 97 keys, confirmed with the buyer

Sale #4!/compare/1620518400/1620604800!/compare/1620518400/1620604800

New unbox, probably paypal scammed him like everyone else

Sale #5!/compare/1620777600/1620864000!/compare/1620777600/1620864000


Sale #6!/compare/1622678400/1622764800!/compare/1622592000/1622764800


Sale #7!/compare/1618963200/1619049600!/compare/1618963200/1619049600

Sold for Tesla Coil Salty Dog(140 Keys)

Sales at





Taking 97 - 140(avg. 118.5 keys) range here. Ignoring 82 keys as it's lower than buyers. Ah, I forgot to round 97 to 100k to make it clean, but I guess it's okay.

    B/O was 99 in the 114 sale

    Shouldn't matter since it is not setting a range here, sale is also less with the fix to the Sandvich

    Since theres only 88 keys showing in the 97 sale, you should get a screenshot from the buyer to confirm that sale.

    Another sale:;5;u14

    $249.9 / $1.86 = 134.35 keys

    I would use the 134 sale as the high-end here, and then use this sale on the Salty dog. It is always best to use sales where there are less sales; there's 5 here and only 2 on the salty, so both of the salty's should be used there.

      I've confirmed with the buyer for 97 keys, you can check the link as it's highlighted above.

      EDITED: Looks like I can round this to 100 - 135 keys as we have a 97 Key sale that can be rounded to 100 Keys. Also, we have the sandvich going for 96 - 110(avg. 103, rounding to 105 Keys) on sale #2 with your recent suggestion that fit in this range as well. In addition, I will also round the salty dog to 135 - 140 keys with the two sales now to make it clean. What do you think?

      Thanks for the advice about more sales to be used on other hats with fewer sales. Always good to learn something for suggestions.

        Without screenshot proof of 97, going 100 - 135 (rounded) as you suggested is the best way to go here. That means the salty can get a range of 120 - 140, since the median here is 117.5 which can be rounded to 120.

          I was wrong about the salty dog suggestion as 136 Keys can be rounded to 135 Keys rather than 140 Keys. It should be rounded to the nearest 5 as per the unusual suggestion rule and this will be fixed with my new suggestion. So now we have 120 - 135 Keys range for the salty dog.

            Yeah that will work