Price Suggestion
~100 keys
Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Purple Energy
323 votes up
37 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Femu the Fearsomu.

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    Hey thats me, I also got a dressed to kill shotgun FN from the trade, threw on scm so thats why it doesnt appear. (Don't know if this helps at all with the bulk price)

      Late, but can confirm a Factory New Dressed To Kill Shotgun was part of the trade and was selling for approximately 7 keys on SCM at the time of the trade. I couldn't get it all in 1 screenshot so I did an uncropped recording -

        It's bulk for the PE tossle so that's why I didn't reply to the first comment mentioning this

          Buyers now counter the low-end which is fine. I bought it straight from the unboxer the day after he unboxed it.

      Buyers up to 100 keys