Price Suggestion
~17 keys
Unusual Stout Shako Miami Nights
68 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Mini for Bee Swarm Flamehawk

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Item 1

Sale 1!/compare/1617926400/1620086400!/compare/1617840000/1617926400

Sold for:

Terror-Watt Scotch Bonnet

5 keys

Fits in range

Sale 2!/compare/1617840000/1617926400!/compare/1617753600/1617926400

Added for:

Bee Swarm Flamehawk

Sale 3!/compare/1617926400/1618012800!/compare/1617926400/1618012800

Sold for 16 keys 5 ref

Taking as 16 keys

Sale 4!/compare/1620777600/1620864000!/compare/1620691200/1620777600

Sold for:

16 keys

28.22 ref

Taking as 17 keys

Item 2

Sale 5!/compare/1620864000/1621036800!/compare/1620777600/1620864000


Item 3

Sale 6!/compare/1618617600/1621728000!/compare/1618531200/1618617600


Sale 7!/compare/1621728000/1621814400!/compare/1621382400/1621814400

Sold for:

15 keys

Strange Festivized Specialized Killstreak Black Box - - I actually managed to sell mine for 1 key 35 ref -18 key buyout

This is odd because typically would always sell for pretty damn close to pure buyout, the discount isn't this huge.

Taking as 17 keys for now (Rounded up from 16.5)

Sale 8!/compare/1622246400/1622419200!/compare/1622160000/1622246400

Dumped back

Item 4

Sale 9!/compare/1622505600/1622592000!/compare/1622505600/1622592000

Bulky item trade, excluding, was probably valued at buy orders, supports the raise of sorts

Item 5

Sale 10

On and off, excluding

Sale 11!/compare/1621382400/1621468800!/compare/1621382400/1621468800

15 keys match, but 16 keys 40 ref leave buyers inventory - yup, taking 17 keys

Sale 12!/compare/1621555200/1621641600!/compare/1621555200/1621641600

Bulk for Blizzy Boa

Sale 13!/compare/1621555200/1621641600!/compare/1620864000/1621728000


1 key


Miami Nights Armored Authority

Sale 14!/compare/1621728000/1621814400!/compare/1621728000/1621814400

Sold for:

Smoking Big Country

4 keys

Excluding both sale 13 and 14

Sale 15!/compare/1622246400/1622332800!/compare/1622246400/1622332800

4 keys and Kill-a-Watt Wet Works matches!/compare/1622246400/1622332800

Which was then resold for Smoking Big Country and 6 keys

Since buyers on the Big Country are at ~9.5 keys, this sale is almost 20 keys

No buyout though






20 (scuffed

Taking 17 keys flat here

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