Price Suggestion
~314 keys
Collector's Rocket Jumper
247 votes up
22 votes down
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Item Snapshot made
  • 900 keys
    Collector's Rocket Jumper 1 Recipe output 10129425051 2753300147
  • 1000 keys
    Collector's Rocket Jumper 1 Recipe output 9773283673 3569605884
  • 104 keys
    Collector's Rocket Jumper
  • 114 keys
    Collector's Rocket Jumper
  • 115 keys
    Collector's Rocket Jumper
  • 125 keys
    Collector's Rocket Jumper
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200 keys!/compare/1619568000/1619654400!/compare/1619308800/1619740800

345 keys!/compare/1619740800/1620086400!/compare/1620000000/1620086400

283 keys!/compare/1620000000/1620086400!/compare/1620000000/1620086400

Strange Morning Glory Professional Killstreak Law with Chromatic Corruption

Strange Apparition's Aspect, Chromatic Corruption

Strange Professional Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000, Pumpkin Bombs

Veno Shock Taunt: Conga

many unusualifiers

I couldn't find any concrete sales on the Law that weren't full of rare spells, so maybe I'll just leave it out in favor of the pure sales

and that chromatic corruption law is also a post life apparently

Sales 200, 283, 345, morning glory law

Let's just go with 200-345, or if it's too wide, I think calling two outliers on either end for 283-345 is possible as well

    Why wouldn't 200 be the outlier making this 283-345? that's an absurd range and that seems much more realistic

      When you consider that 200 is not only the oldest sale, but was also bought by a known quickbuyer, I'm inclined to agree with Harry. Unless you have a good counterargument I'd resuggest here.

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