Price Suggestion
~550 keys
Unusual Pyromancer's Mask Cloudy Moon
44 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Xergoyf B>Keys $1.70.

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Cloudy Moon Pyromancer's Mask- 4 Months Outdated - 550 Keys

Sales - Please See Trust for Detailed Info on Trade (Traded 50 keys first since Banan Man had 500 to make 550)!/compare/1616284800/1616371200!/compare/1616198400/1616371200

    I am confused about the sales. Ash sold it to Banan for 550 (since you didn't have enough pure), then you repaid, then you sold back to Banan man for 551?

      Correct. I used it for a while and bought some other items I was more interested in and I told Banan Man I would sell it to him for what I paid for it. Which was 550. but 1 more cuz stonks.

        Gotcha, this should be fine then. Thanks for the clarification.

    Another sale: Bought this back from Mr. Pablo for 551 pure.

    Current suggested price falls in date