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~17 keys
Unusual Tundra Top Dead Presidents
66 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Resuggest! Fixing sale - thx king

Price update! Its another tundra top :D

Histories with in-date sales: -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1611100800/1611360000!/compare/1611014400/1611100800

Sold for 13k - now below buyers so excluding

Sale #2:!/compare/1611446400/1611532800!/compare/1611360000/1611878400

Sold for 17k pure *NOTE THIS IS NOW 17K not 15* -> 1 sale

Sale #1:!/compare/1609718400/1609804800!/compare/1608336000/1609804800

Untrace? QS? -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1604880000/1604966400!/compare/1604793600/1604880000

Sold with a mn liquidator (16k outdated) for 25k total - now this sale is unsure because b.o for the liquidator are @ 16.48k so for example:

25 - 16.48k = 8.52k (for tundra) -> OR 25 - 13.93 = 11.07k (for liq)

Very uncertain what he paid for each unusual so excluding the sale

Sale #2:!/compare/1604966400/1605052800!/compare/1604620800/1605052800

Looks to have sold for a Astral Presence Taunt: The Balloonibouncer (9.25k) + 2 unpriced unusuals

- beings they are unpriced, its likely its quite a lot of unusual overpay - if you went by b.o of those unusuals, this is the result

4.1 (disco fever) + 6.1 (panzer) = 10.2k -> 10.2k + 9.25k (price of balloonibouncer as its indate) = 19.45k total

Or if you went by the b.o of the balloonibouncer -> 10.2k + 6.03k = 16.23k (~16k)

This could be a little high if it was done by b.o of the unpriced unusuals and the actual price of the balloonibouncer

16k seems better if using the b.o of all three (as it will fit my 15-17k range later)

Marketplace sales:;5;u60

Nov 25th @ 29.99 / 1.76 = 17.03k (~17k)

Proof from king:I count 17 keys with matching histories in sale 2 --- B/O was also 17

Usable sales @

17k x2

Taking 17k flat