Price Suggestion
~46 keys
vexed volcanics
Unusual Berlin Brain Bowl Vexed Volcanics
59 votes up
1 vote down

This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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40 keys, 78 refined of sweets, 96 refined = ~43 keys!/compare/1608508800/1609977600!/compare/1609804800/1609891200

Bulk for Frozen Fractals Blast Defense

i skip tradebacks!/compare/1603324800/1603929600!/compare/1603497600/1603929600

Ethereal Essence Brain Interface, using there!/compare/1604102400/1604620800!/compare/1604448000/1604534400

Pumpkin Party Sophisticated Smoker, using there!/compare/1604793600/1604880000!/compare/1604793600/1604880000

Wicked Wood Nuke + 11 keys!/compare/1604966400/1605052800!/compare/1604966400/1605052800

I think bulk for the Frostbite Tartan Tyrolean!/compare/1604966400/1605052800!/compare/1604966400/1605052800

I don't know but all of the taunts in the 2nd compare don't add up to even buyers for this!/compare/1605398400/1605484800!/compare/1605398400/1605484800

Green Energy Towering Pillar of Hats (37 keys)!/compare/1605916800/1606003200!/compare/1605830400/1605916800

Wicked Wood Nuke, 1 key, and less than a key of sweets!/compare/1607126400/1607212800!/compare/1607126400/1607212800

Miami Nights Blast Defense

Screaming Tiger Taunt: Buy A Life - pretty much 3 keys

but its a tradeback on the blast defense!/compare/1607558400/1607644800!/compare/1607558400/1607644800





wicked wood nuke + 11

wicked wood nuke + 1


37 is buyer price convincingly

using the nuke here, making the sales


wicked nuke (40) + 1 = 41 keys

43 keys

wicked wood nuke (40) + 11 = 51 keys