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Refined Metal
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Unique Refined Metal
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Refined Metal

Things have changed, so i have returned to raise ref once again.

New price: 0.03 - 0.04$


Since, paypal sales have become more frequent and key prices have gone up, i will only include sales from the past week.

PayPal Key Sales

Seller #1:

Bought 160+ keys for 1.70$ each.

Seller #2:

Bought ~2000 keys for 1.80$ each. User changed his price to 1.75$ after.

Seller #3:

Bought 118 keys for 1.74$ each. User changed his price to 1.81$ after.

Seller #4:

Bought ~900 keys for 1.60$ each.

Seller #5:

Bought 2800+ keys for 1.80$ each.



Key sales:

1.60$ x ~900

1.70$ x ~160

1.74$ x ~120

1.80$ x ~4800


1.80$ is the common trading point here with lower sales being outliers.

Keyprice in ref is 52.11 - 52.22 ref.

Convert that into the price per ref:

1.80$ / 52.165 ref = ~0.03451 $/ref

With an average of 0.035$ a range of 0.03$ - 0.04$ is much more representitive.

Going with 0.03$ - 0.04$.

Feel free to add proof to support or counter my new price.

    that's some serious stuff going on here...

      Yea. Refined Suggestions take alot of time and Effort.

      Hope this works, the suggestion of 0.03 literally made low tier trading almost non profitable, 0.04 seems perfect for me

        Finally, low tier trading will become somewhat profitable

          Price suggestion is not affecting the market and should not. Honestly, ref is sooo cheap there is only 0.01$ difference between other price suggestions. This price suggestion will change nothing until the key to ref ratio decrease. That’s sad, but that’s true, it’s all up to bots and their developers.

          Now all the chimps will have their $1 inventory be worth $1.30 lmao