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~57 keys
Unusual Chill Chullo Haunted Ghosts
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1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Xergoyf B>QS.

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Resuggestion of


Added 30 keys for Planets Villain's Veil, used there

//!/compare/1592006400/1592092800!/compare/1591920000/1592092800 - not usable because it's possible that more than what is shown was exchanged - but these minis at least provide proof that the Ghosts Chullo is currently lower than it's backpack price

Ghosts Chullo sold via presumably for:

Memory Leak Brigade Helm - 17.5 keys

Phosphorous Medic's Mountain Cap - 30.5 keys, mini below

and like 30 refined of sweets


Mini for the Mountain Cap!/compare/1588809600/1588982400!/compare/1588896000/1588982400

Mountain Cap added Starstorm Slumber Spirit of the Bombing Past (13.5 keys)


~4 keys sweets

28 keys

Power Surge Snaggletooth - 12 keys

Mountain Cap = 30.5 keys


The sale would round up to 49 keys, but again, not using this




Stormy Storm Team Captain (47.5 keys) + 10 keys

= 57 keys