Price Suggestion
~20.5 keys
Unusual Napper's Respite Terror-Watt
36 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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Terror-Watt Napper's Respite - 42 & Xergoyf

Team 6 Suggestion 143

Mptf sales;5;u57

Skipping April sales bc Apr 14 and 16 go out of date soon, Apr 20 is below buyers

May 7: 24/1.88 = 12.77 keys rounding to 13 keys. - History

May 31: 24/1.91 = 12.57 keys rounding to 13 keys. - History

No b/o found for the mp sales.

Sale 1!/compare/1591401600/1591574400!/compare/1591142400/1591920000 - B/o of 11 keys

ID's/histories don't match BUT:

Looking at sellers compare: Julia's purchases are on a separate bot, so unusuals added guarenteed did not take any keys away

There are 11 removed, 11 groups of pure.

Western, Noir, Falkirk, Cotton are too expensive to of sold for 11 pure, 7 left

Bat hat, airdog and bombing match with a non-11 pure group, 4 left

Cotton, DCO, Pith and Handle left, handle and pith are too cheap to be sold for 11 pure logically, Julia prices either at bp or discounted, priced to sell, 2 left

DCO matches 1 of the 11 groups. Only thing left is a group of 11

THUS, it sold for 11 :)

Sale 2!/compare/1590451200/1590537600!/compare/1590105600/1590624000


Sale 3!/compare/1590624000/1590796800!/compare/1590278400/1591142400


Sale 4!/compare/1592179200/1592265600!/compare/1591920000/1593561600


Sales are at:




Classies -

Buyers up to 8.55 keys, seller at 14 for a month.

Taking 11 - 13 keys