Price Suggestion
~17.5 keys
Unusual Pure Tin Capotain Purple Energy
57 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1585526400/1585612800!/compare/1585440000/1585526400

Sold with ~1 key in sweets for CTFL Impaler + 1 key

use there

Sale 2:!/compare/1585526400/1585612800!/compare/1585440000/1585526400

Sold for 16 keys

sale 3:!/compare/1585526400/1585612800!/compare/1581465600/1585612800

Can trace 5 keys

sale 4:!/compare/1581465600/1585612800!/compare/1585612800/1585785600

Sold with 1 key for Insomnia Burglerre

use there

sale 5:!/compare/1585872000/1589587200!/compare/1585958400/1586044800

Sold with 3 keys for C9 HoC(21.5)

Total is 18.5 keys

sale 6:!/compare/1586044800/1586131200!/compare/1586044800/1586131200


sale 7:!/compare/1586044800/1586131200!/compare/1586044800/1586131200

Sold for ~25 keys in sweets

sale 8:!/compare/1586044800/1586131200!/compare/1586044800/1586131200


sale 9:!/compare/1586131200/1586217600!/compare/1586131200/1586217600

Sold with ~4 keys in sweets for P Fetti DCO

DCO Mini:

Suggestion for 17.5 keys

Total is 13.5 keys

sale 10:!/compare/1586390400/1586476800!/compare/1586217600/1586476800

Sold wiht 3 keys for TW Burning Bandana(?)


Sale 11:!/compare/1586563200/1586649600!/compare/1586563200/1586649600

Can trace 12 keys

sale 12:!/compare/1586563200/1586649600!/compare/1586390400/1586649600!/compare/1586563200/1586649600

untrace / bulk

Total sales @:

14, 16, 19, 25 keys

buyers up to ~13 keys,

taking 16 - 19 keys.