Price Suggestion
~85 keys
Unusual Exquisite Rack Orbiting Planets
250 votes up
62 votes down
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$69.04 QS

I quickbought for $105.96

Sold for $200, buyout was 100 keys


Added 10 keys + Isotope Disciplinary Action for Roboactive Defiant Spartan, better used there


Bulk for Green Energy Rack


Bulk for Magnetic Space Mann or something


32 keys

Purple Energy Fukaamigasa - 36 keys

80 key buyout

Ends up under buyers for the Planets Rack


Untraceable, spelled


Untraceable, spelled


Buyers 69

Seller at 90 is duped

Clean at 100

Spelled at 170

Going with 100 flat

      Looks like it sold with a quite a few things (unusuals and etc) for MG killers kabuto + about 10 keys of sweets!/compare/1593216000/1594425600!/compare/1592956800/1593820800

      Since the kabuto is now outdated, better to use there.

      Current classifieds

      A few buyers now risen to 71.

      Seems fine here.

        That's quite a few lower sales here. aside from the obvious 3, the spartan and the kabuto sale (which was the dude that bought it for 100 here btw) are both clearly lower too. 100 is probably too steep here.

          I feel that this price is still better than current considering there are 6 buyers buying well over the current BP price

          Four of them are 3 months old, one is a month old

          Is there nothing that can be done about this suggestion?

            given the sheer amount of lower sales as well as lower buyouts in the past I would probably give this a range of sorts though; I suppose you could use the fuka sale as the low end here. Its somewhat unconventional but it would give this the raise it clearly needs while still keeping the common trading point in mind.