Price Suggestion
~50 keys
Unusual Baron von Havenaplane Chiroptera Venenata
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5 votes down
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9 months old, needs a Halloween Hype refresh!


This one is surely a keeper for the time being, and not having it updated is tickling my fancy.

If you want it to be "impartial", feel free to make this suggestion yourself

This seems to be the only trade of this specific hat (couldn't track the other 2 down) in the past months.

If you prove it not to be the case, feel free to suggest over me!

Bought for:

D@D Tartan Tyrolean ~50 keys


Sunbeams Powdered Practitioner ~51 keys

Total = 100 keys, rounding down to the nearest 5 (it's in the 100-200 range)


BP comparison:!/compare/1589760000/1589846400

Trade proof:

Tyrolean is outdated, mini is required:

Traded for a PE Eyewear ~ rouding to 50 keys

Mini proof:!/compare/1589500800/1589587200

Any help/criticism is appreciated!


    Hey hey, congrats on your trade!

    Looks like the D@D Tartan has an outdated price, so you’ll need sales minis for further proof on the value.

    The Beams practitioner has an in-date price (barely), but not sure if you would need sales minis for it as well as there are multiple sell orders below the suggested value of 51 keys.

      Ah, ic, so should I re-suggest?

        Yeah, you’ll just need to provide sales minis for the Tartan I’m sure as practitioner is technically in-date with its price.

        Added the mini on how i got the Tyrolean, it didn't change the price suggestion. Should I do the same for the Beams one?

          the eyewear is also outdated, that needs to be updated so you can update the tyrolean, which in turn will support this suggestion

            What Offline said.

            This is how people sometimes end up doing like 10 or so price suggestions at a time lol. Some people find it fun, others just let other people do it for them cause they don’t wanna be bothered, but it’s up to you if you wanna keep attempting to price these items. Should let it be known though so someone doesn’t come in and steal your evidence/suggestion

              Well, I am terrible at this, even though it can be enjoyable. I guess I'm taking this down and forget about it. Was checking the PE Eyewear I got and it got moved around a lot for other unpriced items aswell... Biggest turn down ever :/ If someone wants to copy pasta my evidence, feel free, they will probably do a better job at it than me anyway. Cheers for the help, sorry to dissapoint.

                Don’t worry about it, if you want to you can post on the forums/discord what you bought it for and someone will keep note of your trade. Lots of people have multiple notes just lying around for sales they’re collecting for suggestions.