Price Suggestion
~11 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Mann of Reason Cloud 9
85 votes up
7 votes down
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went to bot


Oct 15 - $27.99 = 15 keys

Oct 16 - $29.00 = 16 keys


went into, most likely not usable


using there


10 keys


a little tricky but it all makes sense!/compare/1574294400/1574380800!/compare/1574294400/1574380800

this is the compare links

in the first compare link you see the KaW bone dome!/compare/1574294400/1574380800!/compare/1574294400/1574380800

the KaW bone dome was traded here

and traded again same day here!/compare/1574294400/1574380800!/compare/1574294400/1574380800

so the mann of reason was sold for x keys and then the KaW bone dome was bought for 7 keys + the botkiller sniper rifle

the amount is 11 keys, 4 seen in compare link 1 and then 7 keys + sniper rifle in compare link 4

dude imagine if i researched this well or cared this much about school

this sale 11 keys


i go 10-16?


$29 on MP, 16 key buyout classifieds, about 1 month

13 keys about 1 week