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~150 keys
Unusual Patriot Peak Abyssal Aura
69 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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I like this effect

Mp sales;5;u125

Oct 26th sold at auction for 200.21/1.8 = 111.23 = 111

Nov 25th sold for 329.99/1.75 = 188.565 = 189

Other sale!/compare/1572912000/1572998400

sold in bulk for the bread head, would be better used to price that ty to smarties

taking 111-189 until more sales occur

    Sold mine yesterday for 309.99 USD

    309.99 / 1.7 > 182.34 > 182k;5;u125

      ty for info fits into range nicely