Price Suggestion
~80.5 keys
Unusual Federal Casemaker Haunted Ghosts
27 votes up
0 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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Resuggestion, thanks to Shuffle for the info!

Sale 1:!/compare/1565222400/1566691200!/compare/1567728000/1568505600


Sale 2:!/compare/1568678400/1568764800!/compare/1568678400/1568764800

Sold for TW Mohawk + KaW Wet Works + Searing Brass + 3 keys

Brass Mini:

suggestion for 21.5 keys

Works Mini:

Suggestion for 13.5 keys

Mohawk Mini:

Suggestion for 34.5 keys

Total is 72.5 keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1569456000/1569542400!/compare/1569024000/1569542400

Sold with ~3 keys in sweets for DBD Lucky + Blizzardy Law(41) + CPS France

nothing on the France

Sale 4:!/compare/1566518400/1566604800!/compare/1566518400/1566604800


sale 5:!/compare/1567555200/1567641600!/compare/1567555200/1567641600

Sold for Cloudy Fez

Fez Mini:


Suggestion for 80 keys

Sale 6:


Sold for 60 keys

sale 7:!/compare/1567728000/1567814400!/compare/1567641600/1567814400

Sold with 5 keys for GBH Company

company Mini:

Suggestion for 92.5 keys

Total is 87.5 keys

sale 8:!/compare/1569369600/1569456000!/compare/1569283200/1569456000

bulky / use there

Sale 9:!/compare/1569801600/1569888000!/compare/1569801600/1569888000

Sold for HF Jeepcap

use there

Sale 10:!/compare/1570579200/1570665600!/compare/1570579200/1570665600


Sale 11:!/compare/1564876800/1564963200!/compare/1565395200/1565481600


sale 12:!/compare/1566604800/1566691200!/compare/1566604800/1566691200

Sold for Burning Climbing + ~3 keys in sweets

used there

Sale 13:!/compare/1566777600/1566864000!/compare/1566777600/1566864000

Sold for 48 keys

Sale 14:!/compare/1566777600/1566864000!/compare/1566777600/1566864000


sale 15:!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1567382400/1567555200

Sold with PE Waxy for Nebula Trans(137)

nothing usable on the Waxy

Sale 16:!/compare/1566950400/1567036800!/compare/1565308800/1567036800!/compare/1567036800/1567123200!/compare/1567123200/1567209600!/compare/1567123200/1567209600!/compare/1567209600/156729600!/compare/1567209600/1567296000!/compare/1567296000/1567382400!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1566432000/1567555200!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1567555200/1567641600


Sale 17:!/compare/1568505600/1569196800


more gambling

Total sales @:

48, 60, 72.5, 80, 87.5 keys

buyers up to 47 keys (just one, looks high), with more buyers at 30, 33 keys.

sellers at 135 keys,

Calling 48 low,

Shuffle's Part:!/compare/1572912000/1572998400 - Purple Energy Samur-Eye!/compare/1566086400/1566259200 - Only other Samur-Eye sale is for a Duped Burning Tossle

This will most likely be too high.!/compare/1573084800/1573171200 - Purple Energy Reggaelator + Australium Rocket (~33 Keys) - The Reggae doesn't have anything in-date aside from a seller at $105 (59 Keys)!/compare/1571788800/1571875200 - CPS Vive from Sale 3 sold for 35 Keys

Sale 3's probably too high.

I'd say 48 and 60 (sold in a day for full pure) are both low and Sale 3 and the Samur-Eye sales are high. The Reggae sale supports the high end.

Narrowing the range to 73 - 88 would work.