Price Suggestion
~26.5 keys
Decorated Weapon Rocket Launcher Cool Brain Candy
49 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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$49.99 = 28 keys!/compare/1568419200/1568505600!/compare/1568419200/1568505600

Sold with 2 keys for Strange Pro KS Kritzkrieg (~27 keys)

This sale is 25 keys. Thank you k1ng.!/compare/1568332800/1568419200!/compare/1568332800/1568419200

18 keys + 90 refined, which comes up to quicksell price!/compare/1571270400/1571529600!/compare/1571270400/1571529600

Sold for Subatomic Phononaut + 3 keys


Added 4 keys for Kill a Watt Salty Dog

[[[KaW Salty Dog!/compare/1568592000/1568678400!/compare/1568592000/1568678400


I have no clue what's going on, sold from bot to a user 1, then traded to user 2, then traded back to user 1, then eventually sold in bulk.!/compare/1570665600/1570752000!/compare/1570665600/1570752000



Untraceable, but most likely quicksold to bot!/compare/1564876800/1566000000!/compare/1565913600/1566000000


:/ i dont know man



So basically, KaW Salty Dog has no mini -> Phononaut has no mini

i exclude sale 4 of rockit launcher

Looking at current sellers on the Phononaut (months unsold at 24), this would fall within the range of 25-28 keys.