Price Suggestion
~100 keys
Unusual Brain Bucket Harvest Moon
61 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Time to redeem Mail's work here.

Harvest Moon Brain Bucket - all sales involved came from this hat.

Sale 1

Sold for a Cloudy Moon Defiant Spartan (65) + Miami Nights Coldsnap Cap (30) + 10 keys = 105 keys!/compare/1568332800/1568419200!/compare/1568160000/1568419200

The buyout was 100 keys, capping:

Sale 2

Bulk for keys!/compare/1567814400/1567900800!/compare/1567814400/1567900800

Sale 3

Sold with Secret Tough Guy's Toque for Secret Powdered Practitioner (used there)!/compare/1567123200/1567209600!/compare/1567123200/1567209600

Sale 4

Sold for an SBTWC Counterfeit Billycock (55.5) + 47 keys = 102.5 keys --> 103 keys!/compare/1566259200/1566432000!/compare/1566345600/1566432000

Buyout was 100 keys, capping:


Cloudy Moon Defiant Spartan at 60-70 (~65):

No sellers, buyers up to 91 keys.


    Thank you mucy for showing mail the impossible is possible :cheem: