Price Suggestion
~20.5 keys
Unusual A Head Full of Hot Air Green Energy
112 votes up
10 votes down
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Sale 1:!/compare/1563494400/1563926400!/compare/1563753600/1563926400


Sale 2:!/compare/1560211200/1560297600!/compare/1560124800/1560211200

Sold for 24 keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1561852800/1561939200!/compare/1561852800/1561939200


Sale 4:!/compare/1562112000/1562198400!/compare/1562112000/1562198400


Sale 5:!/compare/1562198400/1562284800!/compare/1562198400/1562284800


Sale 6:!/compare/1564012800/1564099200!/compare/1565308800/1565481600


Sale 7:!/compare/1565913600/1566000000!/compare/1565740800/1566086400

Sold for OF Buckaroo + Aces KE

KE has very wide sales, unupdatable:

Sale 8:!/compare/1566432000/1566604800!/compare/1566518400/1566604800

Sold with Cool Holiday WW Jag + negligible sweets for Planets Dread Hood

use there, sales on Dread show this would end up bulky / low.

Sale 9:!/compare/1566604800/1566691200!/compare/1566691200/1567382400

Sold for ~24 keys

Sale 10:!/compare/1567382400/1567641600!/compare/1567296000/1567382400


Sale 11:!/compare/1567382400/1567555200!/compare/1567468800/1567555200

Sold for KaW Tipped + 2 keys

Tipped Mini:

Suggestion for 23 keys

Total is 25 keys

Sale 12:!/compare/1567468800/1567555200!/compare/1567468800/1567555200


Total sales @:

24, 24, 25 keys

Very young seller at 19 keys;


taking 24 - 25 keys, for now.

    seller is still there and has changed their price to 18 keys which has been up for 15 days now

      hm, would the best course of action here then be to close or try and range 18 - 24 keys?

        They've been up for nearly a month now, might just be best to wait for more sales