Price Suggestion
~15 keys
Unusual Tungsten Toque Neutron Star
71 votes up
15 votes down
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Got rid of a not so rare neutron for a more rare one :eyes:

Sale #1 - Sold with 2 keys for a neutron LED!/compare/1565654400/1565740800!/compare/1565654400/1565740800

Taking 26 - 2 = 24 keys

Sale #2 - 11 keys 23 ref?!/compare/1563753600/1564531200!/compare/1564444800/1564531200


Taking 24 keys flat

Excluding 11.47 keys due to possibly being a buy order purchase

    with sales so discrepant from each other, it's best to leave this outdated for now

      unless the unboxer sells, its prob never gonna get updated again given that I own it (a neutron collector) and then the toque collector but alright