Price Suggestion
Smoking Crack Pot
Submitted by Vincentius
~28 keys
Unusual Crack Pot Smoking
445 votes up
57 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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    Sale #3 was for 17 keys, so in the range

    Erik needs something to smoke that’s why he collects them still a proud seller

        made after the suggestion, suggestion is valid kiddo

              I appreciate this, just i think i had a past suggestion criticized for new buy orders basically making it "invalid" when it apparently shouldnt have been.

          they got even higher now. Although they were listed recently

          Smoking crack and pot

            Greatest hat of all time

              Buyers at 20, 25 and 26

                Looks like someone previously posted the same thing. The buy orders were made after the suggestion so I suppose this is valid?

                  yup, 100% valid still