Price Suggestion
Circling Heart Herald's Helm
Submitted by Komish
~20.5 keys
Unusual Herald's Helm Circling Heart
110 votes up
12 votes down
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    what makes you say 19 keys was a quicksell?

      Buyers were 1 key lower at the time, sold in 1-2 days within listing at said price.!/compare/1565654400/1565827200 - 18 pure

      The buyer is reselling at 21. Hmm. Should 18 and 19 be included?

        At least 19 should be included imo based on the current market. Not opposed to 18-23 either.

          Read what I had said before, p sure it would be a qsell.

            Time is only one factor in deciding whether or not a sale is an outlier. Should no other sales have happened or lower sellers have popped up, I'd have agreed. However, there's a new sale at 18 that took longer, and a seller at 21 seems to be unsuccessful so far. This means either the market has changed, or it could be an indication that 19 selling fast was just lucky. Given the circumstances I think a changing market is more likely the case.

              So what would you say is a valid price?

                With the data points in the suggestion and the ones provided above, I would favor 18-23 or 19-23; I think either would work.