Price Suggestion
~180 keys
Unusual Wraith Wrap Circling Heart
54 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by De Zwakste Schakel.

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This was the worst 4 hours and 4 suggestions of my life, so please correct me where it is needed.!/compare/1550966400/1551139200

Traded for Kill-a-Watt Electric Escorter (11) and Circling Peace Sign Crone's Dome (170)

KaW Electric Escorter!/compare/1550620800/1550793600!/compare/1550707200/1550793600

Sold for 11 keys

Peace Crone's

Sale 1 (Crone's):

Sold for Purple Energy Federal Casemaker!/compare/1547251200/1547337600!/compare/1552003200/1552176000!/compare/1551657600/1552176000

PE Casemaker sold for GE Universal Translator... this seems way too low, as the translator has unsolds under 70...

Sale 2 (Crone's):!/compare/1548288000/1548460800

Sold with Nuts and Bolts German Gonzilla for Haunted Ghosts Law

This sale is being used on the Haunted Ghosts Law.

There are no other recent sales for the Crone's. Using the just barely outdated price of 172 keys and unsolds for 168 and 170, I am using 170 keys for PE Casemaker and the Crone's Dome.

11 keys + 170 keys, rounding it down to 180 keys.

No other recent sales on the Wraith Wrap.

I was looking at the Powdered Practitioner for the Vintage Scrap Metal suggestion and found this sale by accident.

I was like oh okay, nice and easy, I'll have a go at it.

And then got slammed with too many minis and outdated prices. I hate unusual suggestions. :(