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~10 keys
Unusual Bolted Bicorne Aces High
417 votes up
51 votes down
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I like Playing cards

Highly outdated price

Sellers: - - 2 Days @ 13 Keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1545868800/1545955200 - Quicksold for 9 Keys

Sale 2)!/compare/1545609600/1545868800!/compare/1545782400/1545868800 - Sold with ~2 Keys in Sweets for a Disco Beat Down Janissary Ketche (11) = (9) Keys

Only sale we have is:


Thanks =)

    Another sale:

    Sold for a Flammable Bubbles of Attraction Killer Solo and ~3.5 Keys in Sweets!/compare/1550016000/1550102400

    This will need a mini, but the odds of this sale being above 9 keys are pretty high.