Price Suggestion
Bubbling Nuke
Submitted by TF2Scourge
~16 keys
Unusual Nuke Bubbling
320 votes up
20 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1543017600/1543276800!/compare/1543190400/1543276800

Sold for 11 keys

Sale 2:!/compare/1543449600/1543536000!/compare/1543449600/1543536000

Sold with negligible sweets for 12 keys + ~3 keys in sweets

Total is 15 keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1543536000/1543968000!/compare/1543708800/1543795200


Sale 4:!/compare/1543708800/1543795200!/compare/1543708800/1543795200

Sold for 10 keys + negligible sweets (banandes sold for ~10 ref)

Sale 5:!/compare/1543968000/1544054400!/compare/1543968000/1544054400

Sold for Neutron Bandito + ~2 keys in sweets

Bandito Mini:

Suggestion for 16 keys

Total is 18 keys

Sale 6:!/compare/1543968000/1544054400!/compare/1543968000/1544054400


Sale 7:!/compare/1545523200/1545609600

Untrace / QS to bot?

Total sales @:

10, 11, 15, 18 keys

Buyers up to 10 keys,

Seller for 14 keys,

lets call 11 low,

and take 14 - 18 keys.

    Hey, I think I wanna buy it