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~71 keys
Unusual Defragmenting Hard Hat 17% Disco Beat Down
26 votes up
1 vote down
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1 recent sale on this guy

full creds to Jarool for buring hedge micro and the miiiiicros


sold for a disco beat down dark falkirk helm (61) and a strange professional killstreak original (21)!/compare/1543968000/1544054400 - histories don't match on keys, they match with the luger!/compare/1543881600/1544054400 - ???

61 + 21 = 82 keys


disco beat down dark falkirk helm

sold along with 15 keys for a burning flames head hedge (76)!/compare/1543708800/1543968000!/compare/1543795200/1543968000

76 - 15 = 61 keys

buring flames head hedge micro

sold for an orbeting planets legendary lid (52) and a terror watt executioner (28) - B/O of 76



taking 76 keys

terror-watt executioner miiiicro;5;u57

$49.99 - $49.99 / $1.81 = 27.62 = 28 keys

orbeting planets legendary lid miiiiiicro;5;u32

$100 - $100 / $1.94 = 51.55 = 52 keys

its out of date, but it's the only usable micro and i need to use it

taking 82


    Any other better minis for falkirk? Unsold at 47 for 2 weeks

      Hedge has Sellers around 65 as well, so that would balance out.

        that’s true.

      Would it not be considered a quicksale? He unboxed it, was mainly looking for quick pure, and quicksold every item he got for it to buy an aussie rl