Price Suggestion
~8.25 keys
Unusual Taunt: I See You Spectral Swirl
283 votes up
110 votes down
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Still open? Let's look at it again!

Resuggestion of

Spectral Swirl I See You

New price: 9 keys


Sale #1 (2 months)= 9!/compare/1527724800/1527811200

Sold for 9 keys 1 rec.

Sale #2 (2 months)= 6.5!/compare/1530144000/1530230400

Sold for 6 keys + dead of night (14 ref) = ~6.5.

Sale #3 (2 months)= invalid!/compare/1527465600/1527552000

Sold for 5 keys. Histories are completely f*cked up. Low anyways. Excluding.

Sale #4 (2 months)= invalid!/compare/1530489600/1530662400!/compare/1529366400/1530748800

Looks like it sold for 6 keys. Histories don't match completely. I guess 2 keys have been traded away immediately. Can anyone confirm? Excluding for now.

Sale #5 (1 month)= 5!/compare/1531180800/1531267200

Sold for a prof ks original (5).

Sale #6 (3 weeks)= invalid!/compare/1533168000/1533254400!/compare/1532822400/1533168000

? sales:!/compare/1525816800/1525903200 - 9!/compare/1527717600/1527804000 - Untrace = invalid!/compare/1530223200/1530309600 - Untrace = invalid!/compare/1532901600/1532988000 - Untrace = invalid sales:;5;u3014

Sale #1 (2 weeks) Sold for 21.90$ = ~12

Sale #2 (fresh) Sold for 19.99$ = ~11


Buyers start at 5.37.

Matured seller at 10.




5 x1

6.5 x1

9 x2

11 x1

12 x1

5 countered by buyers.

6.5 sold within a day. Excluding.

11 and 12 are high mp sales. Unsold at 10 for 15 days confirms.

Going with 9 keys flat.

Feel free to add proof to support or counter my new price.

      Please post requests on my profile.

      Also i cannot.

    Hey if it’s not too much trouble the circling heart chieftains challenge has a 2 year old price that needs to be updated. Just suggesting though

      i'm on it :)

        Thanks! The community needs people like you!

        What sale is the chieftains in?

          None, requests like that should be on my profile and not in suggestion comment sections. I guess that's what you're saying ;)

;5;u3014 got sold for about 5 keys

            twice. lol

              Yes but this sale was more recent, but I guess you can use both sales

                both those sales were quicksells, there are marketplace buyers at ~10$.

                Also buyers would counter 5 keys.

                  Eh, I do feel like we have sales that are too variable for a flat value raise. Still a seller at 7 currently, and multiple sales around buyers value.

                  The value here is somewhere between 5 and 11, but I don't think 9 flat is a good idea here

                    i'm thinking about 7-9. Waiting for sales though.

                    Maybe include the sale at 6.5?

                    Also if we get more sales at ~5 we might go with 5-9?

                      I would wait for more sales here indeed. I suppose if 7 sells then 6.5-9 wouldn't be that bad

                        That's what my previous suggestion was and that was left open for a month. Can i leave this open for comments?

                          Its already at a month :P I don't see a point in leaving it open