Price Suggestion
~30 keys
Unusual Classy Capper Kill-a-Watt
38 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Erik pricing event!.

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KaW Capper

Team 1 (iTrade). Event mini for Mallard Bucket (Team 4 in the person of Master Throne said it’s ok if we price this)

Sale 1 Sold for Searing Plasma Ze Goggles (19)!/compare/1527379200/1527897600

Mini Ze Goggles 1: 39.99 USD on;5;u15 1 key = 1.98 → 20 keys

Mini Ze Goggles 2: 18 keys pure!/compare/1526256000/1526428800!/compare/1526342400/1526515200

Using 18 to 20 as mini range

Sale 2: Using on Mallard Bloke Bucket.!/compare/1527811200/1527897600!/compare/1527724800/1527897600

No buyers / no sellers Suggesting flat 19. - B/O 25 keys.

    Goggles were updated at 20 keys. Initial mini wasn't that far off, so I'm fine with accepting as close enough. There's another sale however:

    Another sale:!/compare/1527724800/1527897600!/compare/1527811200/1527897600

    Appears to have sold along some keys for a Circling TF Logo Whirly Warrior. Warrior needs a mini. Alternatively, use it there if it turns out there aren't enough sales on the Warrior (or valid ones). Either way, that sale and the warrior need more digging into.