Price Suggestion
~22 keys
Unusual Neckwear Headwear Memory Leak
38 votes up
19 votes down
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first suggestion wish me luck!/compare/1523059200/1523145600 - sold for blizzardy storm modest pile of hat (27.5) + terror watt tyrantium helmet (22) + 10 ref sweet = 50 keys. both are duped and tyrantium is 3 years out of date so taken with a pinch of salt also seems high!/compare/1523577600/1523664000 - sold for well worn isotope lightning rod shotgun (unpriced)!/compare/1523750400/1523836800 - sold with a pro k/s collectors beggars bazooka (8) for a maimi nights executioner (32.5) + spec k/s aussie grenade launcher (14) = 38.5 rounding to 38!/compare/1522022400/1522108800 - sold with 10 keys of sweets for a stormy storm neckwear headwear (42) = 32 keys

welcome all criticism trying to get better at this

    You need mini sales for the dupes and outdated items.