Price Suggestion
~150 keys
Unusual Soldered Sensei Morning Glory
76 votes up
14 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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1 recent usable sale.

Sale #1:!/compare/1518393600/1518480000

Sold for Terror-Watt Rack (80) + GE Tossle (83) = 163 keys

Caps @ B/O of 150:

Terror-Watt Rack mini:!/compare/1517616000/1517875200 - 80

Sale #2:!/compare/1511913600/1512000000

Bulk quicksale

Owner isn't re-selling.

None on market.

Taking 150 keys as the new price. Thanks!

    T H I C C rise.not bad

      Because it's priced off the original sales

      Buyers support the raise. Upvote

        nice,that's the way to sell items XD

          Morning glory should not be price at the same price of burning flame