Price Suggestion
Morning Glory Soldered Sensei
Submitted by Fishtail
~36 keys
morning glory
Unusual Soldered Sensei Morning Glory
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1 recent usable sale.

Sale #1:!/compare/1518393600/1518480000

Sold for Terror-Watt Rack (80) + GE Tossle (83) = 163 keys

Caps @ B/O of 150:

Terror-Watt Rack mini:!/compare/1517616000/1517875200 - 80

Sale #2:!/compare/1511913600/1512000000

Bulk quicksale

Owner isn't re-selling.

None on market.

Taking 150 keys as the new price. Thanks!

    T H I C C rise.not bad

      Because it's priced off the original sales

      Buyers support the raise. Upvote

        nice,that's the way to sell items XD