Price Suggestion
~33 keys
Unusual Puffy Polar Cap Sunbeams
75 votes up
20 votes down
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THIS should do it, Hopefully!

Got Sold for a Bonzo Platinum Pickelhaube

Sunbeams Puffy Polar Cap + 1 Key for Bonzo Platinum Pickelhaube

Proof :

Bonzo Platinum Pickelhaube, last suggestion closed by Foamy, should be resuggested to 70 Flat

"!/compare/1512950400/1513123200 sold with stuff for time warp metal modest. Should be used for that!/compare/1513296000/1513382400 bulk

This however should be capped at 70, so you should resuggest at 70 flat." (Re-Suggestion Never Made) Credits to Foamy The Fearsome ( ) <--- Bonzo Suggestion

Seems to be sold for a Orbiting Planets brotherhood of Arms and sweets (1 Key)!/compare/1516406400/1517184000

BOA Price : 45-53 (~49 - 1 Key = 48 Keys)

Also Seems to be Sold for a Factory New Professional Killstreak Hot Night Owl Sniper Rifle!/compare/1518220800/1518480000

Sunbeams Puffy Polar Cap + 2 Keys for the Pro ks FN Hot Sniper Rifle (Seller at 100 Keys)

Sold for a Unpriced Circling Heart Belgian Detective ?!/compare/1517529600/1518393600

Seller at 65 and 70 Keys, going with ~65 Keys

We Have : (Bonzo) 70 + 1Key going with 69

BOA ~49 Keys + 1Key Sweets going with 48

FN Hot Pro ks Rifle going with ~98 Keys

Circling Heart Belgian Detective(?) with 65 Keys

If you got any More Proof, feel free to send me.

98 out of range, 48 very low, price suggestion should be 65-69 Keys

Otherwise going with 65-69 Keys!

Have a nice Day/Night :-)

Also sold for a massed flies blighted beak 45 keys. On 20/2/18 1-1

      Unsold for almost a week at 38 keys. This range is not gonna work.