Price Suggestion
~63.5 keys
Unique Smissmas Caribou
524 votes up
144 votes down
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  • 73.45 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou 80 Third-Party Promotion 6430339329 2214911290
  • 73.45 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou 80 Third-Party Promotion 6531194288 2239814465
  • 51 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 50.23 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 50.23 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 50.04 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 46.07 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 46 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 44.11 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
  • 32.05 keys
    Unique Smissmas Caribou
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A counter with sales

sale 1!/compare/1512604800/1512691200

66 pure

sale 2!/compare/1512172800/1512259200

aussie rocket (45~) and 6 pure

totals 51

sale 3-6;6

nov 30th 109.99 / 1.99 = 58

dec 11th 128.92 / 1.95 = 66

dec 28th 128.93 / 1.99 = 65

jan 7th 148.99 / 1.94 = 77

other notes buyers at 51

new lists at 73 eyes open

calling 51 low due to buyers and taking 65-77

      I'd go 50-65 here personally, there's a new sale ~50 on marketplace and unsolds ~70

    Mine was left to die for a month so I guess this is better now that there's been sales

      if u wanna take this since it was your sugg to start lemme know id be fine with it

        I don't care about suggestions outside of my own sales the less I help the better really besides you found all this new stuff so it's really yours isn't it

    After over a month of having mine up for 70-72 keys i have sold it for 65 keys -

    In the month of me having it for sale i had recieved some terrible unusual offers that would be about 50 keys and rejected a 55 key offer, then i just got an offer for 65 keys and accepted it.

    I dont think it would be possible to sell it for anything about 70 keys. i think it should just be 65 flat. (well thats my 2 cents)

      should of found me, been trying to offer on one for some time now, but im about to buy one with full cash :/

        i had mine on backpack classifelds for over a month, you had ample time to contact me.

          never once saw it

      some more marketplace sales, but all fit in range still

        I used to own a clean double Halloween spell one and I managed to sell it for 80 In pure, so I’m pretty sure this thing should go up.

          Remember that spelled items sells for more

            Yeah I know I could of got about 90 if I had patience as it is a double spelled and clean

              yeah, I would call 80 a mild quicksell tbh

          I bought a double spelled one for

          A Smissmas Caribou + 20 keys