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The Black Rose
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~30 keys
Unique Black Rose
66 votes up
27 votes down
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Item Snapshot made
  • 19 keys
    Unique Black Rose 1 Crafted 6406997310 3901654967
  • 19.56 keys
    Unique Black Rose 1 Crafted 6400247415 3903054950
  • 19.56 keys
    Unique Black Rose 1 Crafted 6438289634 3903027115
  • 19.58 keys
    Unique Black Rose 1 Crafted 6403633160 3902006396
  • 20 keys
    Unique Black Rose 1 Crafted 6304055952 3903842962
  • 18.02 keys
    Unique Black Rose
  • 18.01 keys
    Unique Black Rose
  • 18 keys
    Unique Black Rose
  • 17.56 keys
    Unique Black Rose
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3 buyers at 18

    Are they succesfull? And have any at 19 sold?

    You need actual sales.

      Link me a rule stating that requirement and I will adjust my suggestion accordingly.

        “Please remember that common trade points are defined by completed sales - not buyers or sellers.”

          I've had this mentioned to me numerous times. Cherry-picking words just to hit on my suggestions is a pretty silly thing to do. In the same page you linked, there is also the statement "Yes, we allow suggestions based on sellers under our current listed price and buyers above our listed price."

          This is followed by a reminder to make price suggestions significant changes, of which this falls in nicely.

            Oh, sorry. I didn’t know this.

            By the way, I wasn’t “cherry-picking words” to hit on your suggestions.

      Buyers at 18.17 keys now

      Sale at 19.65 in screenshot

      Sellers @ ~17 on;6

      Ehhhh..why is this such a pain?

        Keys on are 1.9, so those sellers are actually ~20+

        Looks like 20 is a common trading point considering the screenshot sales, I'll resuggest - ~19.7

      and probably sold for 19.7x2 earlier as I have said above in the comments

      no recent sales on mptf (most recent was nov 4th)

      two sellers at 43.42 = ~21.5 or smth ea!/compare/1513123200/1513296000

      Not sure what this sale is

      Seller at 19 still up