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~185 keys
Unusual Executioner Poisoned Shadows
70 votes up
8 votes down
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6 months outdated :thinking:

Poison Shadows Exe: Sold with a Max's Head(19) for a Purple Energy Stash(210)

210-19=191 Rounding to 190!/compare/1511654400/1511740800

    Is there really no other sales on this?

    ok so, here are the sales listed out from joxu and Lemons' links

    sale 1 - Sold for a Frostbite Exec (168) + ~10 Keys in stuff = 178 Round to 180 here!/compare/1509840000/1510012800

    sale 2 - Sold for a Vivid and HG Siberian Facehugger + DBD Crit Cloak - Issue here is this is the only sale on the cloak so this sale is out.!/compare/1513900800/1513987200

    Re-suggest at 180-190.