Price Suggestion
Cloud 9 Deep Cover Operator
Submitted by Tree Goat
~60 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Deep Cover Operator Cloud 9
192 votes up
49 votes down
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Unsold at 39 for 17 days and counting on Classifieds

Also Unsold on at 41 for about 17 days as well

    Needs to be at least a month.

    Also there is a sale here:

    Seems extremely scummy to make a price suggestion 2 weeks before it can even be passed, now these hats won't sell for the qs prices.

      Well technically if the buyer bought this as a we in order to resell they would be screwed over by this price suggestion, though at least the sellers are both bots which have expensive inventories which wouldn’t really mind that much a minor change like this, it’ll also make the lower in case someone wants to keep it or sell