Price Suggestion
~44 keys
Unusual Team Captain Dead Presidents
262 votes up
38 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Gnomy the Fearsome.

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Copy pasted cause i just got it, creds to Lemons (in sugg), TheProcave (suggestor), Foamy for his comment

Hm, a drop it is huh?

Thanks to Lemons!

Sellers: - - 30 Days @ 45 Keys - 27 Days @ 48 Keys

Sale 1!/compare/1505347200/1505433600

Sold for a Duped Vivid Plasma Towering Pillar of Hats 40k

B/O: Was 48 keys

Mini for Towering!/compare/1501372800/1501459200 = 40 Keys

Sale 2!/compare/1505260800/1505347200

Sold for a S. Spec KS Aussie Rocket Launcher (Sellers @33.5k, taking 34k)

Sale 3!/compare/1505088000/1505260800 - Cash/CSGO

(Other side traded too quickly)

Sale 4!/compare/1505606400/1505692800 - Best used there

B/O: N/A

Sale 5!/compare/1504569600/1504915200 - Using there

Sale 6!/compare/1507334400/1507420800

Sold for a Duped Searing Plasma Coupe D'isaster (11k) + A Duped Cloud 9 Noble Amassment of Hats (25k) + ~15 Keys in Sweets = 51k

B/O: Caps as B/O Was 48:

Mini for Coupe!/compare/1499817600/1499904000 = 11 Keys

Mini for Towering!/compare/1506297600/1506470400 = 34 Keys

B/O Was 25

Sale 7!/compare/1503792000/1503878400 -

Sold for a Green Energy Furious Fukaamigasa 31k

B/O: N/A

Mini for Furious!/compare/1505520000/1505692800 = 31 Keys!/compare/1499817600/1499904000 = 30 Keys

Using 31 over 30 as 30 is sorta bulky

Sale 8!/compare/1502150400/1502236800 -

Sold for a Circling Peace Sign Patriot Peak (69k)

B/O: N/A

my new sale:!/compare/1509321600/1509408000

Sold + taunt for Sulph Prince Tavish Crown, probably too bulky

B/O: was 61 on crown when not quickselling








Buyers Buy @ 31 so 31 is too low

69 is high compared to unsolds

34 was quicksold/dumped

Taking 40-48k

      Quicksold just like the 34 key sale

        Not sure if you can call 9 days a qs.

          I think the suggested range here is still fine. 9 days may not be the conventional quicksale, but it was 5 keys below the buyout, so the "struggles to sell at X" argument does not work here.

          In terms of data points, I would call 35 the low outlier to offset that 60+ sale, as both have an indication they're off in value; where 35 sold pretty fast and below the BO, and 69 sold above current and probably past sellers.