Price Suggestion
~350 keys
Unusual Wraith Wrap Demonflame
29 votes up
18 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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Hello everyone!

I sold my Demonflame Wraith Wrap for Cloud 9 Officer's Ushanka (18) + Time Warp Old Guadalajara (45) + Phosphorous Big Elfin Deal (26,5) + Disco Beat Down Soldered Sensei (38,5) + Haunted Ghosts Boxcar Bomber (89) + Spellbound Bear Necessities (126) + Midnight Whirlwind Taunt: The Meet the Medic (25). Total 18 + 45 + 26,5 + 38,5 + 89 + 126 + 25 = 368 keys


B/O of 350

So, flat 350 keys

Thank you for attention.

Is it even ok to price based off a dupe when 2 clean ones exist? I mean...they have been traded, not like its the unboxers that own them.

    Yeah, pricing off a dupe should be alright. Also - Hasn't Moved in 234 Days and the Other in ~850+ days.

    In cases where new prices are set and where it is very unlikely that the clean versions will sell, we do allow pricing based on dupes (especially since there's not really a concern that this would be too low if I'm being honest :P). The idea of not dropping with dupes is that we punish clean owners that are active but simply dont wish to sell their hats by lowering their bp values, whilst in case of unpriced hats, there is no "punishment" in setting a price.

    This of course only works when neither other trader are actively selling them. It is very unlikely that the clean ones will sell, though. One's in a pyro main's bp in a complete set and the other one hasnt moved in nearly 3 years with the owner being inactive.

    As for the minis:

    With that bear mini, the sale should very definitely cap at 350. The uncertainties here are on pretty low-value hats that wont make this sale 50+ keys lower, and even if they would, it'd still cap.