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~14 keys
Unique Spellbook Page
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  • 45 keys
    Unique Spellbook Page 1 Trade-Up 6026430009 5184865697
  • 10 keys
    Unique Spellbook Page
  • 2 keys
    Unique Spellbook Page
  • 2 keys
    Unique Spellbook Page
  • 2 keys
    Unique Spellbook Page
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50$ = 20 keys in SCM credit Hecate

That sale for 1.15$, RIP whoever did that.

    The Steam Market also shows a number of sales below ~$50 since that sale, going down to about ~$25 (10 keys). Both the Steam Market and the classifieds show buy orders for 10 keys. 10 keys appears to be quickselling.

    But even if 10 key sales are discounted as quick sales, there still appears to be a roughly 15 key sale on the Steam Market which is the latest sale. It definitely needs a raise but I'm not completely sold on a 20 key flat price.

    (On a more personal note, I'm glad I got a whole set of these back when they were cheaper. It would be so much harder to do that now.)

      The latest sale was mine (I think at least)

      I listed one of mine for around 16 keys (before taxes) on market and it was bought within 2 hours

      All of the cheap ones seem to be instantly bought

        Thanks for clearing that up, if that last sale was a quicksell I think that removes the issue I had.

          I think you may have gotten lucky with your timing. The fact that one person was willing to pay almost $40 a few hours after you listed it doesn't mean they'll reliably sell for that amount instantly.

          2 of the last 3 sales are for $29 and $25--probably filling buy orders--and there's an unsold currently at <$36 (yours was apparently $38). It looks to me like $40 is possible, but I wouldn't expect instant results.

          Buy orders say $28 or ~11.5 keys is a QS currently, but your sale (regardless of how quick it was) and the current low seller say ~$35-$38 or ~14-16 keys is a more realistic top end.

          It's a small market with a decent amount of fluctuation, but only the single highest sale has topped the 16-key mark.

          nice meme

            Why would you use a SCM sale as proof, but not bother to even look at all the other SCM sales?


            - SCM sales in the last 3 months at ~$38, ~$29, ~$25, <-- [those 3 more recent than the $50 sale] ~$45 (x2), <-- [incl. the $50 sale on the 31st] ~$35 (x2), $~33 (x3), ~$21, ~$36

            - Current highest buy order at $28, seller at ~$36

            - One MP sale at $15

            So you've got one sale at $50 SCM, and a dozen others that are all below $40 SCM, mostly in the $25 - $35 range, which buy and sell orders also support.

              is this a glithed item? because i think the ones you usually get are untradeable

                It is glitched, as far as I am aware they were only available right at the beginning of Halloween last year.

                  thx, you could be right since the update had alot of bugs in the beginning

                  these are tradable versions

                    Those aren't Spellbook Pages, those are magic spells.

                    They are different things.

                        Yes I can read correctly, I know perfectly well what these items are.

                        Spellbook Pages go in the Fancy Spellbook as a special attribute and don't effect gameplay. Magic spells are ammo for your spellbook that you pick up on maps.

                        They aren't the same thing.

                    Close this already. Prices are dropping as it is. There are a couple for sale for $35 which really does not even support this suggestion. By the way this suggestion gave me mad lols.

                      What? SCM ALWAYS taxes items, and that conflicts with the actual pricing.



                        Can't ignore the 2 sales at 38$/34$ and the still active seller at 35$

                        I would probably make a new range with only those 2 sales now.